Change log


the following changes have been made to our phone system:

  • Greeting has been removed. Please introduce the Clinic and yourself when you receive a call.
  • Incoming calls will rotate between front desk and call center staff.
  • A soft key button will appear on your screen to pick up calls that have been put on hold. Press the button under the word pick up.
  • the receptionist will receive all calls now come on and then route as needed.
  • During peak hours, extra calls with the route to the office coordinators, the nurses, and then the answering service
  • Calls on extended wait time will be routed to the Office manager


Date Range07/12/202107/18/2021
User nameUser ExtensionStatusNumber of CallsPercent of CallsCall Minutes
Callcenter kim41Very frequent32320.02%12:50:22
Reception Jessica21Very frequent24415.13%10:25:54
Answering Service30Very frequent24014.88%10:16:14
Reception Jennifer R22Very frequent22313.83%10:29:12
Caitlin Fetner14Very frequent1116.88%08:11:39
Reception Courtney24Very frequent1056.51%03:43:40
Reception Erica20Very frequent1006.20%03:56:40
Juliana Douglas18Very frequent734.53%06:53:10
Chelse Ladner16Very frequent654.03%08:12:50
Kaylee Michel17Very frequent613.78%03:52:32
Lauren Beech15Very frequent472.91%04:14:12
Coordinator Jennifer33Frequent100.62%00:35:54
Coordinator Jennifer33Frequent100.62%00:35:54
Coordinator Laura32Frequent70.43%00:19:31
Nurses Cordless28Rare10.06%00:00:06
Reception Whitney23Non Users00.00%00:00:00
Pharmacy Tech Nicole25Non Users00.00%00:00:00

Thirty-day stats

Date Range06/19/202107/18/2021
User nameUser ExtensionStatusNumber of CallsPercent of CallsCall Minutes
Callcenter kim41Very frequent127719.76%53:42:32
Reception Jessica21Very frequent103215.97%41:02:59
Answering Service30Very frequent92014.24%35:12:03
Reception Jennifer R22Very frequent72911.28%34:33:10
Reception Courtney24Very frequent5188.02%20:52:43
Reception Erica20Very frequent4036.24%13:56:54
Caitlin Fetner14Very frequent3906.04%23:33:47
Juliana Douglas18Very frequent3755.80%31:08:23
Kaylee Michel17Very frequent2383.68%15:08:53
Chelse Ladner16Very frequent2313.58%19:09:31
Lauren Beech15Very frequent2153.33%20:36:43
Callcenter Kendra40Rare450.70%01:59:56
Coordinator Jennifer33Frequent370.57%02:30:21
Coordinator Laura32Frequent350.54%01:17:05
Provider Station #226Occasional80.12%00:42:03
Nurses Cordless28Rare40.06%00:12:35
Reception Whitney23Non Users00.00%00:00:00

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