By phone on (228) 863-5211

Our call center makes and receives an average of 1000 calls a day. Please patiently hold, if possible.

By Text message on (228) 314-4500

Text messages will be received by the office manager and then the information provided will be shared with the clinical staff.

By Fax on (228) 863-4101

This is for healthcare facilities staff

By E-mail:

Nope! not an option due to HIPAA, unless you are a vendor, representative, or a job applicant replying to an email from us.


Click start below and fill out the form online. Information provided will be delivered to the appropriate department. The office manager’s will receive a copy. This is not intended to request medical advice.

Live chat

Floating at the edge of the screen that says Online. Click on it to start live chat with online support. When the agents are not available and will say Leave a message. This is a third-party service (by Global Business Solutions) that can help with answering basic questions and navigating this website. They cannot provide medical advice.

Message on Google Maps

Another third-party service (by GBS) that is meant to answer non-medical questions only.

On Facebook

For general questions, such as business hours, employment… We cannot provide any information about your health in Facebook messages, and we recommend that you don’t. Click here to see our page, and click here to see our profile


If you want to contact us to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment, You can Do It Yourself Online on this page (click here)

If you're having symptoms suggestive of heart attack, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately!!

There, you can request to be Seen by one of our heart doctors – ask for Coast Heart Institute or Dr. Baroudi's group.