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Working for a reputable cardiology medical practice can be a great opportunity to learn and grow your career in healthcare. If you believe our medical practice offers you the opportunity that you are looking for, go to to see our current job openings, read the job description, and apply online.

Please be advised that all questions on the job listings and application forms must be addressed to the job board on their contact page. Please don’t contact our office inquiring about your application unless you have received an email message from the job board confirming that your application has been approved.

Current job openings:

Medical Receptionist

Two positions are currently open. Apply on our job board here.

Last updated December, 5, 2022

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Our culture

Working at our cardiology practice is not just about finding a job and a paycheck. It is, in addition, gaining unique knowledge and experiences, and building a career, in an honest and caring work environment, where every staff member is an active team member, caring for all patients and teammates. At Memorial Coast Heart Institute you can live and experience the true sense of a work family.

Our mission statement:

Coast Heart Institute is committed to serving the community by improving the health and well-being of our patients in a timely manner. We achieve excellence by providing superior patient-centered care while upholding the highest standard of ethics. By employing highly-trained and competent individuals to support and augment our physicians, we try to address the needs of our patients in a comfortable and caring environment, striving to provide exceptional service you can trust.