Contingency plan, red flags and warnings

Hurricane Zeta:

A Hurricane Warning is in effect for Harrison County

Landfall is expected this afternoon.

Keep in mind that whatever plans and decisions we make are based on the anticipated conditions around the Clinic location, not around your residence or along your line of commute. Please make your own attendance and departure decisions based on your own circumstances. Inform Samer and Jennifer.


  1. Move all patient appointments so that all patients or out of the clinic by 1 PM
  2. Print the schedule for Thursday and Friday. Jennifer and Lauren take a copy and keep Secure an out of sight in compliance with HIPAA.
  3. Inform callers that we will be open on Thursday, provided that we do not sustain any damage to the clinic and the roads are open and safe.
  4. Inform the answering service.
  5. Plan to leave by 2 PM –Sooner if the weather deteriorates or you have a long drive home
  6. Before you leave, turn all computers off and covered with plastic wrap. If your computer cannot be turned off, do NOT cover it!
  7. Cover the echo and EKG machines with plastic wraps after turning them off. Allow Computers and medical equipment to cool off before covering or wrapping.
  8. Write down the office manager contact information displayed below. Inform the office manager if you are an able to come to work tomorrow morning
  9. Make sure the building is completely vacant before you Lock the gates– Check the reception area and all exam and triage rooms to MAKE SURE NO PATIENT IS LEFT IN THE BUILDING.

The office manager is closely watching the progress of this weather system and the weather forecast. We will update this section by as needed.