What is Telemedicine

Telemedicine, as it pertains to our clinic, is substituting a traditional doctor visit, where you go to the clinic and have a face-to-face visit with your healthcare provider (MD, NP, PA), by an electronic visit, where you and your healthcare provider communicate via audio and video calls.

Can I still go see my doctor or nurse practitioner in the clinic?

The answer is most cases is no, until further notice. Due to the new Corona virus pandemic, we have decided to convert all visits to electronic visits, with few exceptions. If and when a curfew is mandated in Gulfport, there will be no exceptions to e-visits. Our goal is to continue to provide care for our patients, and limit their, and our staff’s, exposure to COVID-19.

What is the difference between a traditional doctor visit and electronic visit?

In general, a traditional doctor’s visit consists of the following components:

  • Review of current complaint, signs and symptoms
  • Review of medicines
  • Review of latest labs, test and procedures results
  • Physical examination, including checking vital signs, and EKG test, if needed.
  • Discussing the care plan going forward
  • Providing relevant education and answering questions
  • Scheduling any necessary tests and procedures and a follow up appointment.

E-visits, generally follow the same workflow with the exception of the physical exam component.

What do I need to do?

  • Expect a phone call from our office to schedule your e-visit. If you had your labs done at Memorial (hospital or clinic), we have the results. If done elsewhere, let us know to retrieve them prior to your e-visit.
  • Get the necessary tools ready for a video call (see below)
  • Be ready to tell your healthcare provider of your cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels system) complaint, and any changes since your last visit.
  • Have all your medicines bottles handy to go over your current medicines. If you don’t have them handy at the time of the call, make sure you have an accurate list of all medicines, with doses and frequency.
  • If you have a scale, home blood pressure machine, thermometer, know how to count your pulse and respiration rate, then write down your weight, heart rate, respiration rate (count per minute) and blood pressure to report to your doctor or Nurse practitioner.
  • If you have any question about the information you receive, be sure to ask during the call. You can, of course, call us anytime if any questions about your heart health come up.
  • You will be given a follow-up appointment, and possibly tests to do before your next visit. Be sure to mark your calendar.

What do I need for the video call?

You will need a device with a camera attached (desktop computer) or built-in (most current laptops and smart phones).
Some methods/apps require an email address.

List of video calling options in order of preference:

  1. Facetime: it is the easiest, most convenient way to make a video call. Let is know if you have an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Website chat: find it at the top right corner of this page. Click, fill in your name phone number, subject Doctor visit, and click again. We will take care of the rest.
  3. Google Duo: works on all iOS and Android phones. It’s an app to install, but an easy one to setup.
  4. Skype for Business: this is our application of choice. This is Skype for Business, not the regular, personal Skype app. Please follow this link we send to you, or click on the blue button below.

Scroll down on Microsoft page until you see the red download button

Alternatively, wait for an invitation to join a Skype for business meeting from our office/Memorial Hosptial and follow the instructions in the images below:

We will do our best to connect with you, keep your appointment, and continue to provide care through this public health crisis.

I have questions not answered here

Please don’t hesitate to ask us online on this website, or by calling our office on (228) 863-5211. We will continually update the News section of our website to provide as many answers as possible.

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